Project Description

Restaurant Cinco Sentidos

Cinco Sentidos is a really good restaurant not far from our casa particular Residencia Santa Clara. Great food, great service, and a central location. It is slowly becoming one of the best restaurants in Old Havana. Recommended for a fine dining experience, Cuban style.

Speak to staff at reception at Residencia Santa Clara for directions, help with reservations, and more recommendations on where to eat based on your preferences.

Cinco Sentidos offers Cuban, International, and Fusion Cuisine. Their octopus dish is one of my favourites, worth a try! On the restaurant’s website, a client wrote a review that summarises the dining experience at Cinco Sentidos:

One of those rare cases where I go back to the same restaurant several days in a row. Really delicious food, great atmosphere and very friendly service. For what you get, prices are low. I really loved the ceviche (as a starter) (…) For mains I can really recommend the mariscada cubana (Cuban style mixed seafood stew). Again, fresh, delicious, and generous.